has been developed as a modular software solution for schools. As a basis two established systems for firewalling (OPNsense) and for server services (Ubuntu LTS) are used. If required, this can be extended by further servers for special tasks (e.g. Mailserver, Web-/Cloud-Server, Dockerhost).

Because of this, there are no ISO-Images for an direct import of those virtual machines.

In our documentation you can find a step-by-step tutorial how to install and setup the virtualization host (proxmox), setting up the virtual machines and installing the solution from scratch into those vms or directly on two hardware hosts. The setup of and its usage in a school context are described in the documentation in detail.

All of that can be entirely used for free. There are

  • no charge and no hidden extras
  • no restriction of functional range and
  • no time limitation

for the usage of!

This means (as always): Just

Read the documentation and start

Install your virtualized server on the basis of the documentation.

Open the documentation