What’s new?

Update to linuxmuster 7.0

What has been improved in the current version 7.0 of linuxmuster.net? Learn about the changes and update your system using the upgrade guide.

Release-Informations 7.0

Getting Started

Installation Server

Read here how to install your virtualized linuxmuster.net school server environment.

Installation Guide Server

Windows Workstation

Set up a workstation with Windows 10.

Installation Guide Windows Client

Linux Workstation

Integrate a prepared Ubuntu workstation into your school network.

Installation Guide Ubuntu Client

Additional Instructions

Integrating printers into linuxmuster.net

Printer Setup

Manage users with the WebUI (school console).

User administration

Manage your workstations with Linbo


Manual for the webUI (school console).

WebUI (school Console)

The Complete Documentation

In addition to the guides and manuals directly linked above, there are numerous other articles that document the operation and use of linuxmuster.net for network administrators, teachers and students in detail.

Complete documentation